Let's transform your hobby-webshop into a dominating industry leader

We cosistently boost sales and brand-recognition of ambitious e-commerce stores with our effective growth strategies using the most efficient saleschannels; Social Media, Google and E-mail.

Basically a part time, performance-based CMO with no ownership in your company.

Paid Social

1.  You need traffic, cheap traffic.

Social Media is your biggest marketing-muscle when you are looking to create traffic and demand for your products.

Google Ads

2.  You need to be top-of-mind.

Every online purchase contains doubt and requires a quick search to justify that the customer is right.

Email Automation

3.  You need to keep them in the loop.

Maintaining your customers is the best and cheapest way to grow your business. They already love you.

MARKETR Performance Marketing Bureau - Content Produktion til Ecommerce Virksomheder

Data that is easy to understand

In just under 3 years we managed to spend over $800,000 USD on just Paid Ads via the Meta platform alone.

This spending is spread across 25 different ad accounts and has generated over an additional $4,200,000 USD revenue and 47,000 orders for our clients.

What you’re reading is true. We have only worked alongside 25 companies since the beginning of 2020. Our data shows, that our clients love us and our work so much that they stay with us for an average of 17 months.

+ 2000000 USD
Generated on Meta Ads alone
4 and counting
Previous and current clients
74 days.
Average length of collaboration

Tools we use to become the most efficient agency

We are focused on maximizing your budget, not just your marketing spend, but your entire budget. That is why we implement and use relevant and modern software in our day-to-day work to automize much of the traditional, old-fashioned work to guarantee working with us is a smooth and awesome experience.

We collect all our work in a single, easy accesable dashboard for you to have a great overview.

You have access to effective and transparent communication every single day.

Repetitive and time consuming tasks, has been eliminated and is now done automatically.

Long and irrelevant status-meetings have been replaced by 24/7 accessible videos.

Our close relationship with Profitmetrics allow the best profit-based data tracking in the industry for our clients.

What it's like being a partner

"Everything you expect from a marketing agency, just better. You can really feel Marc and the team going all-in on your case."

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Average ROI when collaborating with us
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The amount of revenue we have generated

3 key factors to expect when collaborating

Vi er et Performance Marketing Bureau, der samarbejder med alle digitale virksomheder i Ind- og udlandet. Du har én fast kontaktperson, der altid er ansvarlig for jeres case, der gør chancen for succes meget højere.

Permanent responsible partner

Even though you’re hiring an agency, you will get appointed one permanent contact person. No more being tossed around among several consultants who, at each shift, must spend time getting to know your company.

Som kunde hos MARKETR får du altid den fulde oplevelse af et Performance Marketing Bureau. Vi investere os i jeres forretning og garanterer resultater.

A risk-free investment

You don’t have to worry about invoices from us. You will never get invoices from us if our work effects a break-even our below break-even result. We are solely focused on our ability to generate profit for you.

Som kunde hos et Performance Marketing Bureau får du altid dit eget dashboard som giver dig det fulde overblik over hele samarbejdet

A complete overview

We have made it extremely easy to be our partner. All our partners have full access to their own dashboards filled with data, learnings, custom and personalized video reports and much more.

What does our clients say?

We are selective in who we do business with

If you’re representing a company doing more than $12.000 a month in revenue and can agree in the below stated points, you’re qualified to book a discovery call.

We are a match if:

We are not a match if:

Ready to boost your growth?

We don’t simply accept all requests.

To become a partner you have to book a discovery call below. Here we have the opportunity to do our homework and get to know your business’ core values, potential and everything in between so we can tailor the perfect solution for you.