Terms of Service

We do as much as possible to make sure that everything is in order, when working with us. A referral to this page (or a copy attached to any invoice sent) will always be present when dealing with MARKETR ApS. This is both in terms of the services we deliver, but also to make sure all legal matters are in order.

For this reason, we have written everything that you agree to in the sections below. All of it is common practice and in our eyes a matter of courtesy.

Please read the terms and conditions through and do not hesitate in contacting us at marc@marketr.dk in case of any doubts or disagreements.


The customer/buyer of any services provided by MARKETR ApS, from now on referred to as the “Client” or collectively “Parties”.

MARKETR ApS VAT ID: DK43064363: The seller of these services, referred to as MARKETR ApS or the “Agency” and collectively “Parties”.

Offer and agreement

An invoice or a payment link will be sent to the Client once an agreement is in place. Once the agreement is accepted there is no right of withdrawal unless the Client, within reasonable time (1-3 days), let MARKETR ApS know via written communication sent directly to: marc@marketr.dk. After the payment has been completed the work on any tasks as agreed to will begin. There is no right of withdrawal and the Client has no rights to any refunds after the work (as stated in any agreement) has been initiated by MARKETR ApS or Subcontractors working for MARKETR ApS.

Prices and payment

All prices are excluding any possible applicable VAT. MARKETR ApS has the right to be paid for any extra tasks outside the scope of any agreement made. In the case that payments are overdue, MARKETR ApS has the right to impose the Client a reminder fee and any collection costs.

Termination of agreements

The Client has the right to at any time outside any vesting period to terminate any collaboration agreement. The notice period for the termination of the agreement is current month + 1 month. If the agreement and collaboration is wished terminated within or after the 4th consecutive month (after 3 months from the start-date) the notice period will be current month + 2 months.


The Client is responsible for the legality of the products and it is important to emphasize that MARKETR ApS of own operation does not take the legal responsibility of any marketing efforts, whether MARKETR ApS has been a part of these or not.

Any actions done that prevents MARKETR ApS from fulfilling the scope of the agreement (such as failing to deliver content that has previous been agreed to, not willing to pay for ads, removing access to necessary platforms or delaying the work in any other way) gives MARKETR ApS the right to terminate any agreement including any notice- and vesting period. Any unpaid invoices are still to be paid after the termination of the agreement.

Limited liability

In case of delays or deficiencies of the delivered services, MARKETR ApS cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss or cost, neither for the Client or third party.

MARKETR ApS cannot never under any circumstances be held accountable for a bigger amount than the one paid for the delivery of the services.

Confidentiality and GDPR

Under no circumstances can personal information be passed on to third parties without prior accept. Any given information must not be used with any other purpose than to comply with this agreement and the related tasks. Both Parties commit to treat any information in a way that effectively secures against unauthorized access. It is the responsibility of the Client to inhibit MARKETR ApS’s access to any personal information, that is not necessary for the completion of the agreed tasks.


MARKETR ApS has the right to let services completely or partly be completed by subcontractors.

Choice of law and venue

Any dispute that might arise from these terms of conditions or any agreements between the Parties must be handled through The Judiciary System in Denmark. Following the danish law.

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