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Let us do the technical stuff, so you can focus on the things that you do best.

How we can help

We help small and medium sized businesses growing through digital marketing with focus on social media advertising,

We strive to give our customers a personal experience, where you safely can give us the responsibility for your online advertising.

Together we make sure at 

Sammen sikrer vi os, at jeres forretning vækster og opnår sit fulde potentiale.

Hvad kan vi hjælpe jer med?
Marc Henriksson og Thomas Weibel

Who are we?

MARKETR is an online agency run by Marc Henriksson og Thomas Weibel. We’re two passionate marketing geeks living and breating to create a difference for our clients and helping them reach new heights.

Why spend money on Facebook Ads?

2,7 billion people world wide use Facebook. This means almost all target audiences can be found on Facebook. (Also yours!)

On top of this, Facebook has developed on the most advanced advertisement platforms in the world.

This gives a world of oppurtunities for you and your company.

How do we work with you?

When collaborating with us, we take starting point in your situation. This means that we listen to your ideas, thoughts, knowledge and combine it with the things that we know works.

We take responsibility of your advertising setup, monitor performance daily and optimize accordingly, to grow your business.

How does this benefit you?

We apply a data driven approach. This means that we make decisions based on data, so we choose the right message, ads and make the right adjustments.

We also focus on measuring the results of the advertising activities, allowing you to see how much you earn on running ads.

Our approach


We work proactively and try to be one step ahead all the time. We create a plan and always keep the next step in sights.

When working with us, we have our clients as first priorities. We never downproritize your, delay tasks and we always aim to solve any potential problems before they even occur.


We build our company based on trust and close relations with customers since we believe that this is a core elements for us to create results for you.

We’re not a large agency with hundreds of customers. All of our clients are our most important clients.


We’re constantly working intensively towards reaching our mutual goals. The communication will always be clear and transparent.

We continously keep you updated on performance and where we are compared to our goals.